The three cornerstones of Deference

Expansion of your Communication skills:

Deference emphasizes that a language consists of lexical structures which are substantiated by grammar. Therefore the aim of the language courses will be the expansion of your English vocabulary and this will be the main target. In this way your communication skills will be enhanced. Grammar will be introduced whenever this might be fruitful in the learning process.


The participant is the Centre of attention:

Deference considers it of the utmost importance to establish a connection with the specific personality of each participant. Every human being is unique and apprehends matters in a unique way. One retains the optimal effect in a learning process when one feels relaxed. By paying attention to this as a trainer, the success rate of the training will be higher and this will lead to satisfied clients.


Cultural awareness:

Deference offers in-company English language training courses in which attention is paid to etiquette and cultural differences. After all, being mindful of this will result in mutual understanding and trust and therefore create a foundation for successful international business.      tel: +31 (0)6 29 20 58 18